If you can’t separate signal from noise, it’s all noise.


We capture remote clinical data and sends the important stuff to those who need to see it.

Applying clinically-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) to data as it is acquired, HeartCloud closes the accountability loop by automatically identifying individuals who need help, and deliver that information to those who need to know in a timely manner for follow up. We capture clinical data from WiFi bathroom scales, WiFi blood pressure cuff’s and personal activity devices from which data is available.

What makes us Different?


We believe that individuals and patients, are the most important contributor to health. All clinical information systems like Electronic Health Records (EHR’s), have one thing in common: the patient is an attribute of the provider. Until now the paradigm has always been the same: Provider – Patient, Client – Server, Master – Slave; it may be “my” clinical data, but it lies within the control and management of a provider organization. In HeartCloud the highest order data record is the patient, the individual, you and me.  In this world the individual is in control and open to the provider of their choice opening up astounding opportunities for everyone.

Making Data do Work

HeartCloud process diagram

HeartCloud Process Diagram

Using the data itself to let you know when it’s important.

Everyone is busy still that’s no excuse for not seeing what is important. Clinical guidelines set up at the individual level identifies information requiring attention and sends that information to those who need to know. For example, a heart failure patient my need to be closely watched for sudden increases in their weight indicating fluid retention. A patient who steps on their WiFi scale and has gained two pounds since same time yesterday, might trigger an alert to her clinician and perhaps family member by email, text or voice message to one’s home phone.

Keeping Clinicians in the Loop

It’s more than just your physician.

Healthcare is increasingly distributed among many care providers; Pharmacists, Physicians, Dietitians, Wellness and Weight Loss Centers and more; all contributing to patients care.  HeartCloud provides a means by which individuals can direct awareness of significant changes in patients data as they choose. HeartCloud is strongly committed to patients, individuals and family members in providing timely meaningful information which is deemed relevant at the patient level through the application of rules clinicians establish. For those who need to know, relevant information is then received in a manner best suited for their practice, either through the application, by SMS text message or email, or voice.