The HeartCloud Story

We began with a simple thought experiment: What if a clinician could see a patient heading for trouble before the patient did? What if they were clairvoyant? With this skill, clinicians could intervene early while problems are small and easy to address. Moreover, because the problems are modest, you don’t need to be an MD to be effective.

Creating clairvoyants, literally meaning Clear Vision, we designed a system which provides clinicians a clear vision of their patients from home, beginning with their weight. Connecting WiFi bathroom scales to a cloud based set of clinical services, HeartCloud applies clinical rules to the data as it arrives to identify meaningful changes as defined at the individual patient level – in effect, we put the data to work.  Clinicians decide conditions under which they need to be made aware of changes in the patients’ data, and only when those conditions are violated, are they alerted.

The next step is instruction and motivation. Patients are automatically provided succinct information in small doses and motivation based upon the data received.  HeartCloud includes family members into the care process by sharing the patient’s data, as directed by the patient, so that all members of the care team are engaged. HeartCloud provides a secure, private environment by which patients can be closely watched and guided toward achieving optimal health.