From the bottom up we are different. We are the only Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) system in healthcare, designed specifically to assist patients and family members in successfully living with clinical challenges. HeartCloud places the patient in charge of their data, they choose with whom it is shared (their vendor). This could be a physician, nurse, colleague or family member, anyone whom the patient desires to assist them in achieving objectives.

Our unique approach is rooted in fundamental principles:

  • We all own our own outcomes. Only you and I can do our own healing, no one can do it for us, we all own it completely.
  • Treat adults like adults. People are eager to comply with treatment recommendations but need information, education and encouragement in small doses over time.
  • Remote patient data will identify problems early. We’ve demonstrated this many times. The challenge isn’t in our clinical understanding, but in access to the data in a simple and timely manner. We take away the hassle of capturing data on a daily basis and can be trusted by our subscribers to apply their data toward improving their health in a private and confidential manner.

HeartCloud exists to remove the mystery and intimidation of providing clinical guidance to patients living with chronic conditions.