We discovered quite early that people using HeartCloud in helping manage their Heart Failure tended also to begin loosing weight. It seemed the combination of weighing in daily and knowing someone was watching, led individuals to modify their decisions on what they eat.

Losing weight required that HeartCloud begin exploring new monitoring models which adapted to patients and their individualized eating patterns so that when meaningful weight has been gained, that it’s quickly identified and reported to care givers. In this view below we have a five day running average (red line) and the actual daily data in Blue. This allowed HeartCloud to identify that this individual was heading for problems on August 6th of last year. Early modifications to his treatment were immediately made and further problems avoided.

This individual has continued on a modest weight loss program which HeartCloud will follow and encourage until his objectives are met while still being able to identify abrupt, meaningful changes in weight, indicating fluid challenges and potential danger.



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