Most people manage their weight through periodic diets that fail over 95% of the time.  Though helpful and encouraged, dieting alone isn’t sufficient because being over weight is a chronic disease state.  If you break your arm, you get a cast for a few weeks, it comes off and along with some modest exercises, all soon returns to normal; a “diet” is not a cast and this is not the condition of those challenged with losing weight.

Weight loss has a great deal more in common with those living with Diabetes, you certainly wouldn’t expect an insulin dependent diabetic to test their blood sugar once a week and adjust as needed, why then to people seeking to lose weight just weigh themselves once a week if at that?

We are all bombarded with adds for food and deserts every day, about 18 times a day.  People trying to lose weight are facing the headwinds of some of the most powerful forces available, your out gunned, out spent, and out maneuvered. HeartCloud helps individuals by placing forces on their side to help guide success through private support of professionals, colleagues and friends.

Brochure for Weight Loss Professionals 2012


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