Imagine tracking  the daily weight of your clients automatically for a period of two years? What would you do differently? What kind of results could you provide? What would you learn from weekly, monthly and seasonal weight variations?

You’ve heard it all. You’ve seen the commercial products, read the books and the claims. People need your help to make sense of all this and they will listen to you. ¬†HeartCloud is for you and your patients and will change the way you practice and the results you produce.The HeartCloud Process

HeartCloud is your own personal clinical database providing visibility into the daily weights of your patients by way of WiFi scale and Clinical Informatics. You will see detailed trends of patients weight to monitor their success and make small changes and see results.

This tool changes the very nature of weight management by allowing you and your patients to discover challenges early and address them quickly. No weekly weigh-in’s or trips to a clinic, every day you learn more about your patients and with your help, they will learn more about what works for them.


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