The cost of remaining over weight are significant and avoidable at a much lower cost than doing nothing.


HeartCloud exists to improve life, privately, persistently and effectively.

We gain weight slowly, just 20 calories a day (the equivalent of one bite of a regular McDonald’s hamburger) will produce an additional 10 pounds of weight every ten years. HeartCloud brings small changes in weight to you daily so that you can turn this trend in reverse.

We are an all together new approach for individuals and families to loose weight through daily remote monitoring of weight through a private clinical application, personal coaching and persistence.

People on HeartCloud simply step on a WiFi scale and individual weight data is automatically captured in a clinical database application that helps discover trends, challenges and opportunities to effectively manage weight. Along with private, professional guidance, you will discover what works for you through small persistent changes in food choices over time.  HeartCloud leverages the power of respectful, confidential support guided by daily evidence of what works.

Team influences improve weight loss success by 20% to 100%.

First developed to help heart failure patients, HeartCloud is now available to change the way people lose weight through shared data:

Step on HeartCloud Weight Monitor daily
Data is captured in the HeartCloud application
Receive automatic alerts on success and warnings

Using HeartCloud’s private WiFi Weight Monitoring and web application, small changes in progress are caught early for course corrections as needed. When goals are reached, monitoring continues to assure their “new normal” stays that way.

Always private, always confidential, you decide who you invite to help, we provide the insight into your progress and the information to help you in accomplishing your goal.